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          When you go home in Italy Alessandra family waiting

My brother Andrea and I started the cooking tour in Italy 6 years ago, just playing with the idea of having the opportunity of showing our beautiful city Viterbo and region Lazio to as many people we could. That day, we were at the Bolsena Lake and we just had a little, white piece of paper that we fill up so fast with places to visit, restaurants we liked, famous gelaterias, boat tours and wineries.

In those years, our family in Italy, my mamma and dad, zia Rosetta and my brother’s girlfriend Rosella embraced and “adopted” a lot of friends around the table, cooking, laughing, making memories that will last forever.

This is the best, most authentic way to emerge and breath Italy, its culture, food and art!

Come to Italy with me! A family is waiting for you!

Alessandra, Andrea, Rosella, Rosetta, Anna, Fernando!



“If you have been wanting to go to Italy, experience the culture, food and wine on a local level you need to go with my friend Alessandra! She and her entire family help you experience Italy like a local. One of my favorite times was,making pizza with Alessandra, her brother and her aunt at her parent’s farm. The best part…having her dad’s homemade wine and her brother’s homemade limoncello. You will visit towns that don’t make the tourist books, but should. You’ll visit wineries that are hundreds of years old. You’ll get guided tours by a local that makes you understand how important history is to the Italians. This is the most cost efficient and exciting way to go to Italy for 7 days and have the time of your life. Just do it…you won’t regret it!”

Elizabeth, 2014