“Red sauces and Home Made Pasta. live from Italy: Part 3

Welcome to my house in Italy!

In this series of amazing, fun, virtual classes you will cook delicious Italian dishes along with my family and me.  You’ll be in your own kitchen and we will be live from Italy.

I will show you my parents’ house and their beautiful family garden, you will get to know my auntie Rosetta, my brother Andrea and sister in law Rosella and maybe other friends that will come by and say hello!

We’ll have so much fun and we’ll also learn different and unique recipes! These are “Cooking Along” type of classes, I will send you the zoom link along with the list of ingredients that we’ll use for the recipes 1 week before the class.  So please use an email that you use often at registration. You can email me at alessandra@cookingwithalessandra.com if you have any questions about the class.

It doesn’t get better than this!!!! Make Pasta with my auntie Rosetta and myself from Italy and 2 Tomatoes Sauce! One with Meat and Other with flavorful Soffritto and fresh Tomatoes. 

 Cannot wait to see you all and introduce my family to you!





Jun 19 2021


11:00 am - 1:00 pm


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