Sushi Class: Basic techniques.

This is a fabulous Cooking Class for all the Sushi Lovers out there!!

Come and learn:

  1. How to cook Sushi rice and seasoning.
  2. How to cut vegetables for rolls.
  3. How to make sauces and side dishes for sushi.
  4. How to roll basic and popular rolls.
  5. Let’s make: California roll, Inside out California roll, Vegetable roll, Sushi Balls, Battleships Sushi, Cone sushi roll.

The Class will be teach by the very talented and incredibly gifted friend Nong. She is from Thailand where she learn the making Sushi Art. Moved to Des Moines for work, did sushi at Cool Basil, Thai Flavor, Hyvee and Parie Meadows. I feel very lucky to have her sharing her experience and knowledge about Sushi!


Nov 10 2020


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


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