Salve, I’m Alessandra

I was born in Italy on a warm day in July. I believe on that particular day, the sun was high in the sky, big and full of flour, eggs, tomatoes and olives. The air had the aroma of basil, rosemary, garlic and, I suspect, that my mum took me on her arms, went out on the sun, breathed deeply this air and then she kissed me. I’m sure about all that because since that moment I had the curiosity, the passion and the infinite love to cook.
Now life took me to the wonderful city of Des Moines, my cooking luggage is much bigger. I have with me the taste of the great French cheeses, the firm meat of Irish salmon, the hot Mozambican Piri-piri chicken, the soft toughness of Nigerian jam bread, and the colorful Mexican chilies, tacos and tamales.
What will I put next in my infinite luggage?

My Cucina

Food, food and more wonderful gorgeous food. Thinking about it, preparing it and eating it is one of the most wonderful pleasures in life!
The dishes I prepare and teach could be the most traditional, inspired directly from my Grandmother’s hands and heart, like fettuccine, lasagna, ravioli, cannelloni, tortellini, tortelloni, pappardelle made from scratch and
filled or prepared in the most traditional way but, with a bit of imagination, without missing their originality!IMG_0261
  Flour, one of my big passions in cooking, cannot be missed!
  Come and learn how to prepare Pizza, Calzoni and Focaccia!
  Let’ s learn the traditional, the semi traditional or the futuristic!
And of course all our famous meat and poultry recipes! Like saltimbocca alla romana, scaloppine di pollo, agnello alla cacciatora, vitello tonne’, our Mediteranian precious fishes recipes all served with salads, grilled vegetables, peperonate, rosemary potatoes, wild mushroom saute and a lot, lot more.
And “In alto i calici” we cannot miss the sweet part of the Italian tradition…do you think the same? What about the Tiramisu’, the Panna cotta with fruits, the Biscotti, the Torta della Nonna, the famous Torta di mele……


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